Xebec tri screen 2 vs Trio- Compare Which is Best for You

Mobile Pixels and Xebec come to mind when we think about buying a portable monitor, but which one will be the right choice for you? Both the tri screen 2 and the trio of the two brands were compared to determine which is easier to use and has superior features. To ensure that we are comfortable and also get value for our money

Here is a complete comparison between Tri-screen 2 and TRIO based on Screen size, Dimensions, Resolution, Adhesive mechanism, Viewing mode, and more features.

Xebec tri screen 2 vs Trio
Xebec tri screen 2 vs Trio

Xebec tri screen 2 vs Trio Compare Table

FeaturesXebecMobile Pixels
ModelTri-screen 2TRIO
Screen size10.1-inch12.5-inch 
DimensionsL12″ x W7.5″ x T1″L12.25″ x W8.46″ x T0.25″ 
Resolution1920 x 12001920 x 1080
Refresh rate60Hz60Hz
Aspect ratio16:916:9
Power consumption3.9W4.5W
Magnetic FeaturesClip-on via expandable frameMagnetic snap via magnetic plates
DriversNot requiredNot required (If you have a Type-C port(with DP signal) on your laptop, driver installation is NOT NECESSARY.)
Ports required
USB-C with DP Alt Mode or mini-HDMI

USB-C with DP Alt Mode or USB-A
Operating systemWindows, Mac, Chrome, and other OSWindows, Mac, Chrome and other OS, Nintendo Switch, Android (Devices support Samsung Dex)
Viewing modeLandscape mode presentation modeLandscape mode presentation modePortrait modeKickstand mode
Warranty1 Year1 Year
PriceCheck AmazonCheck Amazon


Xebec tri screen 2 vs Trio both have almost the same build you can choose

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Tri-screen 2 Dimensions: L12″ x W7.5″ x T1″ Same as TRIO Dimensions: L12.25″ x W8.46″ x T0.25″

Regarding resolution, Tri-screen 2 has 1920 x 1200 and TRIO has 1920 x 1080, which is much better.

If we talk about the refresh rate 60Hz and the aspect ratio 16: 9 of these two, both are the same.


With the Xebec tri screen 2 and Trio, the magnetic feature provides a very easy and convenient way for you to use the monitor. This will enable you to complete your work quickly and easily.

It may be not easy to use Tri-screen 2 without an expandable frame, which you may not even need to purchase separately.

With a simple magnetized design, TRIO is an easy-to-use laptop screen extender that’s suitable for working professionals, gamers, traders, entrepreneurs, coders, and students – always on the move.


Tri-screen 2 ‘s laptop monitor is compatible with Windows, Chrome, Mac, and Switch. There is no need to download drivers. The laptop must have two USB-C ports, one USB-C port, one HDMI port, or two HDMI ports plus two USB-A ports.

TRIO laptop monitors are also compatible with Windows, Mac, Chrome, Nintendo Switch, and Android (devices support Samsung Dex), and drivers are not required in this case, but (if you have a Type -C port (with DP signal), you do not need to install drivers. It requires USB-C with DP Alt Mode or USB-A

Xebec Tri-Screen 2

Trio Max

Mobile Pixels Trio Max

Xebec tri screen 2 vs TrioTri-screen 2TRIO