SideTrak vs Duex Pro (Honest Review) 2023

The Sidetrak and Duex Pro are similar-looking products from different companies, which leads to confusion so I will explain their profound differences in this article.

Sidetrak vs Duex Pro
Sidetrak vs Duex Pro

In this 5-minute article today, I will answer all your questions about Duex Pro and Sidetrak.

We have attached both these monitors with our laptop for a long time and due to this the pro and cons of both these monitors were kept in front of you.

FeaturesSideTrak SlideMobile Pixels Duex Pro
Screen Size12.5 Inches12.5 Inches
Display Resolution1920×1080 px1920×1080 px
Refresh Rate60 Hz60 Hz
Display TechnologyIPSIPS
Special FeaturePortable touch-sensitive buttons
Weight1.6 pounds1.6 pounds
PriceCheck for AmazonCheck for Amazon

Build and Design

If we talk about the build, there is no difference between Sidetrak and Duex Pro, Sidetrak gives you a 12.5-inch screen size and 1920×1080 Maximum Resolution, which is similar to Duex Pro.

But talking about the design, you will get to see a very simple and basic look in Sidetrak, but the same Duex Pro is made of PC ABS Plastic.

Sidetrak vs Duex Pro
Sidetrak vs Duex Pro

talking about the design, Duex Pro gives a good look to compare Sidetrak, as well as touch-sensitive buttons are also provided on the monitor, so that you can control Adjustable Brightness, Eye Care Mode (Blue Light Filter), Color Temp as well An The extra port also supports Type C.

The winner is Duex Pro


Now let’s talk about the features because it is important to know which of these two monitors has the best features and which one you should buy.

SideTrak is a portable monitor that you can take anywhere, all you have to do is attach it to your laptop, and once you install it, your workstation is done. The weight of SideTrak is 1.6 pounds, which is lightweight. You can take it anywhere in a bag

Talk about the same thing about the Duex Pro monitor, it is portable and heavy just like SideTrak, but in Duex Pro you get type C support and touch-sensitive buttons, which makes it very easy for you to use the monitor.

The winner is Duex Pro

Devices Supported

Talking about device support, both the monitor support is fast and easy.
In SideTrak, you just have to attach the portable monitor to your laptop, in SideTrak you get the support of Mac, and Chrome, in this you can easily attach a 13 to a 17-inch laptop.

In Duex Pro also you get to see the support of the same device but you can run it by configuring it with your android or ios, not only this, but if you want to play this game, you can also use Duex Pro to Nintend switch Reset and you have a portable monitor ready


Talking about the price, where you will get Sidetrak for around 300$, the same Duex Pro will be available for around 250$, which is a big difference between these two monitors.

The winner is Duex Pro


After reading this article, you should clearly understand which sidetrak or Duex Pro monitor you should purchase.

Sidetrak is an old monitor with few features and a high price, but in Duex Pro you get to see more features and you get to see a good look when compared to Sidetrak. Similarly, Duex Pro is less expensive than Sidetrak.

  • SideTrak Slide
    Amazon Rating 3.7 out of 5

  • Mobile Pixels Duex Pro
    Amazon Rating 4.2 out of 5

    Duex Pro

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