Matte vs Tempered Glass – Advantages and Disadvantages

Today, smartphones are used more than anything else, and we depend entirely on them. As a result, we should also pay attention to the security of our smartphones.

Matte vs Tempered Glass

Many screen protectors are available on the market, but people need help understanding what is right for them.

This article compares Matte Screen Protectors and Tempered Glass. Which should you choose?

Whether you are a gamer or a student, I will tell you which Tempered Glass and Matte Screen Protector to install.


In Tempered Glass, you can sometimes see a lot of reflections, which can be bothersome.

With a matte screen protector, you get tiny or no reflection. Therefore, if your phone has light while gaming, this Screen Protector reflects your light completely. This is extremely useful for gamers.


In terms of smoothness, Tempered Glass is quite effective. However, it sticks to your hands if they are wet or sweaty.

A matte screen protector works smoothly even if your hands are not dry, so it is perfect for gamers.

Fingerprints and Scratches

The most important screen protector factor is fingerprints, then scratches.

Due to its lead composition, Tempered Glass can be cleaned repeatedly, which makes fingerprints and scratches more visible.

The Matte Screen Protector will not leave fingerprints or scratches, so you will have an enjoyable experience while video-watching and playing games.


Screen guards are a must if we are talking about screen protection.

Matte Screen Protectors are made of plastic and fiber, protecting your phone only from dust and scratches.

Tempered Glass will be damaged first when your smartphone is dropped, which Matte Screen Protector cannot do since Tempered Glass is made of lead.

Colors Quality

Matte Screen Protector has poor colour quality makes watching videos less enjoyable.

Tempered glass does not affect your smartphone’s display colour quality, which gives you a pleasant video-viewing experience.


I have concluded that if you are a gamer and gaming is your primary concern, you should only purchase Matte Screen Protectors.

To protect your smartphone better, you should buy Tempered Glass.

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