Canon IVY vs Canon IVY 2: Which Portable Photo Printer is Right for You?

Most of the time, portable printers are used by kids to create crafts or by young people for fun.

By using it as an alternative to sticky notes, you can decorate the walls of your house.

We can create memories that we consider very memorable with the help of portable printers when we are traveling.

canon ivy vs ivy 2
canon ivy vs ivy 2

Compared to Canon IVY and IVY 2 portable printers, Canon is a very large company known for its printers, cameras, and other electronic gadgets.

Our goal in this article is to compare photo quality, battery life, Bluetooth, features, price, and much more between Canon IVY and IVY 2. This is so that you can decide which one to purchase. In order to be used

In 2018 Canon released the Ivy printer, and in 2022 Canon launched the Ivy 2.

There are similar features in both printers

  • Both portable printers don’t require ink.
  • A photo can be customized in this way according to your tastes.
  • Both of these apps are available on the Play Store and Apple Store for Android and iOS.
FeaturesCanon IVYCanon IVY 2
Printing MethodZINK™ – “Zero Ink”ZINK™ – “Zero Ink”
Print Resolution314 x 400 dpi313 x 512 dpi
ConnectivityBluetooth 4.0Bluetooth® 5.0
Printer ConnectionBluetooth – using the Canon Mini Print appBluetooth® – using the Canon Mini Print app1
BatteryBuilt-in Rechargeable Lithium-ionBuilt-in Rechargeable Lithium-ion
Display2 LED Light System2 LED Light System
Battery Charge Time90 Minutes20 Sheets per 45 Minutes20 Sheets per 
Paper Sizes2.0″ x 3.0″2.0″ x 3.0″
Operating DeviceiOS®: 9.0 or laterAndroid 4.4 or lateranon Mini Photo Print AppiOS®: 12.0 or laterAndroid™: 6.0 or lateranon Mini Photo Print App
PriceRecent Price Check AmazonRecent Price Check Amazon

Printer Quilty

Powered by the Canon Mini Print app for both Android and iOS, the Canon Ivy can print at a resolution of 314 x 400 dpi and at speeds of up to 50 seconds per paper.

This Ivy 2 printer offers 313 x 512 dpi, which is significantly higher than the Canon Ivy. There is no difference in the app installation process. However, it is capable of printing at a speed of 30-40 seconds per sheet.


The Canon Ivy uses Bluetooth 4, so you can transfer files at 1 Mbps and get a 33 feet range.

Canon’s Ivy 2 uses Bluetooth 5, which provides a transfer speed of 2 MBs and a range of 800 feet.


Canon IVY supports Bluetooth 4.1, while IVY 2 supports Bluetooth 5.0, which offers faster data transfer speeds. Hence, if you command to print a photo from your phone, the photo will be printed quickly.

Printing speed

A Canon IVY can print a photo in about 50 seconds, while the IVY 2 can print a photo in about 30 – 40 seconds.


Ivy’s battery is a rechargeable Lithium-ion battery that can print 20 sheets of paper after a full charge of 90 minutes.

Despite the fact that the Canon Ivy 2’s battery is made of the same material, it only charges in 45 minutes and prints 20 pages per charge


Canon Ivy comes with a Paper Size of 2.0″ x 3.0″, a Paper Capacity of 10 Sheets, and ZINKTM Photo Paper for Paper Compatibility

It doesn’t need ink, all it needs is the paper it comes with to print your desired photo.

Ivy 2 has the same paper size, but aside from a Paper Capacity of 10 Sheets, you have to cover Pre-Cut Stickers, which don’t appear in Canon Ivy. Other than that, everything is the same.


There is only about a $ 20 difference in price between Canon IVY and IVY 2.

Considering the price, I recommend buying IVY 2, which has more features than Canon IVY.


In addition to higher print resolution, faster printing speed, and improved connectivity, the IVY 2 is a newer, more advanced model. If you don’t need the extra features or are looking for a more budget-friendly option, the Canon IVY is still a good choice.